Write my Essay in One Hour

Between nights out, procrastination and other assignments, time can easily creep by. You suddenly realise that you have just an hour to complete your essay. It’s too late to read all possible sources, reflect upon the information and make a lot of drafts. You need to prepare a clear and concise essay in one hour! But don’t panic, we’ll provide you with a guide on how to approach your last-minute assignment even if you are not the top essay writer.
Perhaps the paper written in an hour won’t be your best one, but if you face the deadline it will definitely help. Also, this skill can help those who have a lot of writing to do. If you only don’t give a part of you homework to the essay writing service.

Write my Essay in One Hour

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Write Your Essay Quick in 7 Steps

Right now we’re going to tell you how to do all we have write before. Below are the main stages of the step-by-step writing process. Follow them to avoid common writing problems.

Step 0
Before you start any writing, find all necessary information and put in front of you. It’s important to keep focus on topic you write about.

Step 1
Spend six minutes for planning your essay. Rushing into writing at once is not productive. It’s so easy to find yourself at the deadlock without a proper plan.

Step 2
Outline your essay in 5 minutes. You already know which parts it should have: introduction, body and conclusion. The essay with a determined structure will be faster and easier to write.

Step 3
Think a minute about supporting examples before you begin to write.

Step 4
Write an introduction. It can be a sentence or a paragraph, everything depends on the length of your work. Make sure it takes no more than 10 minutes.

Step 5
Present the supporting arguments in the main body. Write in clear sentences. You don’t have time to think over complex grammatical structures and sophisticated vocabulary. Use simple words that don’t need to be checked over in dictionaries in order to cope with this part in 15 minutes.

Step 6
Write conclusion to sum up what you’ve said before. Try to make it interesting and memorable. You have 10 minutes for that.

Step 7
Proofread your essay. Check your work for mistakes and misprints. The last step should take about 5-7 minutes.

Write my Essay Basics

Before starting to write, let’s determine the basics of your essay. It’s common for most essay writing services and they will help you structure your work properly as well.

  • The essay has to answer the task or question.
  • It should have a clear thesis statement.
  • An academic essay has to present or discuss some issues.
  • Your essay should include relevant facts and examples.

So How to Write an Essay in an Hour?

First of all, you should realise that completing academic essay means conveying some ideas and thoughts into an argument. As essays are linear, they should present these ideas in those order that has sense for the reader. Your goal is to attend to a reader’s logic, and you can do it if you structure your essay in the right way.

Collect All The Necessary Information.

Find any information on the topic you need and put it right beside you. If your sources are digital, open each tab and switch between them. That all is necessary for you to keep focus on the thing you do. No one from professional essay writers don’t start their work with out such preparation.

Make a Plan

Writers say you should spend not less than 10% of all time for planning. In our case, it should take 6 minutes. If you start writing without a plan it can take more time then and lead to mental dead-end. Then create a title which is the most important part of the text. It should catch reader’s attention and give and understanding of what are you going to talk about.

  • It should have a clear thesis statement.
  • An academic essay has to present or discuss some issues.
  • Your essay should include relevant facts and examples.

Create an Outline

Your next step is to structure your essay. It has to contain an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Structured essay will be easier to write and read. Some writing services have templates which they customize from time to time. You can create your own.

Introduction. This is where you:

  • Introduce the topic
  • Present background information
  • Provide a road map of your essay

Main body. The body consists of paragraphs. Each paragraph should have one main point. This is the essay part where you:

  • Answer the question
  • Provide relevant examples
  • Develop your argument

Conclusion. Here you need to sum up the information with the reference to the essay question. You can also include the future directions for research.
With these basics in mind, you can approach the stages of writing.

Write an Essay Itself

Following all previous steps is the fastest way to write an essay, we also recommend thinking a minute about supporting examples before you begin to write. You already have the well-defined structure, you know what to write about, so start writing! Write using simple and understandable sentences. Do not use difficult grammatical structures. Avoid using words the meaning of which you are not able to explain. It won’t impress the reader if you use rare words incorrectly. Start with the introduction. Depending on the length of your essay, it can be a paragraph or a sentence. Try to use an arresting sentence or grabbing idea. It is crucial to make clear what your essay is about. Give supporting arguments. Depending on the type of your essay, this could be argument-heavy or rhetorical. Never digress from the subject or give irrelevant examples. Always use accurate data and facts. In conclusion you have to summarize all basic arguments used in your essay.

Proofread The Essay in Order to Avoid Mistakes And Misprints

Look through the text for any spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Leave at least five minutes so that you could correct some possible mistakes.

How to Write an Essay Fast – Hacks And Secrets:

  • Read other people’s essays. Reading books help you to form own writing style, so when you read other people’s essays, it helps you to develop and form your own essay-writing style. Read essays of academics and well-known writers. Think what you like and dislike about them. Another good channel of essays is the newspapers. Read the analytical articles and analyze the author’s style.
  • Improve your vocabulary. A copious vocabulary helps you to express your thoughts clearly and accurate. How can you build your vocabulary? Subscribe to a daily word mailing and read all those articles attentively. Read a lot, look into a dictionary/thesaurus to learn the meaning of unknown words.
  • Always write essays on your own. Never ask: “Help with my essay”. If you ask someone to help, it usually means “write instead of me”. You’ll never learn how to write high-quality essay then. Only practice will improve your writing skills.
  • Improve your grammar. Again, only practice will help you. What should you consider? Your sentence structure, using tenses and prepositions. Remove unnecessary words, paraphrase too long sentences.

Use correct structure. Try to use the standard structure like “introduction – main body – conclusion”. Never forget to use right references.

While writing essay in one hour before the deadline is not a recommended practice, using our guide can prevent tears and the need of extensions. Also, there are not only one extreme deadline in homework writing. We have write essays in different time-lines and size. Maybe you need to write a 500 word essay fast in 3 hours and you don’t know how. Ask us, in independence of size (2000 words, 10 pages etc) or time (30 minutes, 6, 12, 24 hours) we do it many times before. Keep in mind this scenario and use it if you need to complete your essay fast. As you see, it is absolutely attainable goal!