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Persuasive essays are some of the most complex and time consuming to write. The research, planning, picking from hundreds of interesting persuasive essay topics and thoughtful writing that they require could easily dominate all of your time. Have you been assigned one and you’re on a tight deadline? You’ve come to the right place! We have the persuasive essay help you need. Whether you are looking for or just want to purchase some ready-to-use papers, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

To understand the art of writing this kind of papers or to narrow in this or that topic, you may need persuasive essay writing online. Let’s start with understanding what a this kind of essays really are. As the name suggests, this type of academic writing seeks to persuade or convince the audience of something.

Think of persuasion in the context of sales. When you go to a retail store or fast food restaurant, often the cashier will suggest that you add something to your purchase. They might point out that it only costs a little bit more. Or they may make an emotional appeal about how much the product will benefit you and you really won’t regret it. How do you know if the persuasion was effective? If you buy it!

This is just a simple example, but you can see how the concept of persuasion works. Now that you understand persuasion, let’s get some persuasive essay writing help.

The first step in the process is to choose the topic write on. We have complied some easy persuasive essay topics to give you some ideas. It’s better to choose one that does not only look catchy to you but to choose a subject you would enjoy talking about.

Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Youth Center Funding: A local youth center needs funding for a capital project. Write a persuasive essay to convince the local government to provide significant funding for the project.

2. Weekly Date Night: Married couples that intentionally spend time together at least once a week are more satisfied in their relationships and less likely to divorce. This persuasive essay will aim to encourage married couple to prioritize a weekly date night.

3. Vaccines: While parents maintain the right to make decisions about their child’s health, school districts should restrict children who have not had certain vaccines from attending the school.

4. Social Media: Access to social media should be restricted for youth under the age of 13 years old because they are not able to comprehend the potential harmful consequences of their actions.

5. University Standards: Universities should adapt their curriculum to focus more on career readiness rather than a strictly academic focus.

There are many more potential topics for a persuasive essay. The key is to pick one that is meaningful to you.

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How do I Write a Persuasive Essay?

Once you have selected your topic, we’ve compiled some persuasive essay writing help to get you started.

Persuasive essay writing requires a great deal of research, brainstorming and planning.
read as much as you can about that topic. It is important to understand all sides of the issue, even if you have already decided on the stance that you want to take. This part of the process is important preparation that must be done before writing. You will find that for even a short 500 word essay, you may spend three to five hours on researching the topic. No time to do all the necessary research? You can buy persuasive essay and we will do the research and writing for you.

As you begin writing, be sure you consider your audience. Who is the essay intended to convince? This is when you need to stop thinking like a college student writing an assignment for a professor and start thinking about how it might apply in the real world. If your persuasive essay topic is securing funding, then your target audience is the donor or funding source. Keep the audience in mind as you write and write what would appeal to them most.

Be sure that completely understand the topic you are writing on. There are many topics for persuasive essays that have more than two possible opposing sides. In these cases, you must discount every possible opposition in order to convince your audience. You can dispel an opposing argument by understanding it completely and using strategies to explain it away.

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