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What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay a piece of writing that tells about your personal experience. If you are struggling with how to write a narrative essay, think of it as telling a story to a friend. Imagine that a friend asked you, “What did you do over the weekend?” Your response would be candid and natural, a summary of the events with your opinion and commentary mixed in.

Unlike most other pieces of academic writing, when writing a narrative essay you can use first person point of view. This is called the “narrative voice” and it allows you to really show your personality and emotions through writing. In this way, narrative essays are a creative form of writing because they allow the writer to feeling express himself without being confined to a formal tone.

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There is this story that we hear from students all the time. They are a hard working college student studying to be a scientist, a doctor or a lawyer. They have their sites set on a career and study as much as they can to get the grades they need to get there. Then they have to take a basic writing class to fulfill a general education requirement and they are assigned a narrative essay that is worth half of their grade in the course. They can’t afford to get a bad grade but also don’t have the time to write the passionate piece their instructor wants to see.

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Narrative Essay Topics

The most common search for narrative essay help online is topic ideas to get you started. With so many ideas out there, it is sometimes hard to know which are worthwhile. The best way to choose a narrative essay topic is to think about what it meaningful to you. When you think back on conversations you have had with friends and family, what conversation topics do you engage most in? Start with what matters most to you and develop your topic from there.

Here are some sample narrative essay topics with a short summary of the essay:

“The Kitchen Table”
A narrative about the many important conversations had around my family’s kitchen table throughout my childhood and what they taught me about how to make sound decisions.

“Rice and Beans”
The story of a family recipe brought to this country by my grandparents and passed down through generations.

“The Wrong Turn”
Remembering a wrong turn I took and where it led me that I never regretted.

“A Single Truth”
A narrative about something a young child once said to me and how that inspired my career.

From these topics you can see how important it is for the writer to share their own voice and personal perspective in the piece. You may be wondering, how can I get someone to write my narrative essay for me when it has to tell about my life? Think about it this way- your professor expects to see a narrative essay turned in. It doesn’t much matter to them who the story is about or even if it is real at all! The great thing about a narrative essay is that the writing matter more than the facts.

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