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What is a Comparative Essay?

Writing comparative essays is one of the most common requirements in academics. Comparative essay writing involves comparing two different entities. The comparison or contrast between the things being compared must make a point or serve a common purpose.
The purpose of comparative essays may be to show that one subject is better than the other. Another purpose is to bring focus on the two subjects being compared. Writing comparative essays is a good way to produce fresh and new insights by viewing both parties fairly. Another simple reason for writing comparative essays is to clarify something by providing contrasting and comparing it with something else.

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Comparative Essay Topics

Comparative essay examples include comparing figures, positions on an issue, texts, events, and theories. To help you see how comparative essays work, here are examples of each category:
-Effects of a country’s population on small business owners’ annual revenue: Canada VS Japan
-United States’ GDP VS Great Britain’s GDP’s impact on global currency markets
Positions on an issue:
-Responses to atheism in Vermont VS Idaho
-Responses to abortion by Boomers VS Millennials
-Political Science in worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars
-Similarities in all of Shakespeare’s female leads
-Global effects on real estate after World War 1 VS World War 2
-Differences and similarities in the celebration of at least ten countries’ independence day
-Benefits on employment rate: Capitalism VS Communism
-The differences between Consensual Democracy and Consociation Democracy

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