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Chances are, within your first few months in class you will be assigned to write an argumentative essay for college. These types of essays test not just your ability to write clearly, but also your capacity to think through a complex issue and create a compelling case. Like the name suggests, an argumentative essay presents an argument on a specific topic.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

In order to understand an argumentative essay, think of a debate. Each side takes a stance and has complied evidence to support the case. The topic must be one that allows for at least different opinions to be formed on opposing sides.

Going beyond a simple matter of belief, complex evidence is used to support a particular viewpoint and prove why it makes more sense than the opposition. An argumentative essay is written like a single side of a debate. It presents the argument supported by facts in a way that would convince someone to join in your belief.

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Argument essay writing takes a great deal of research, planning and thought given to the argument being presented. For this reason, students are often frustrated an overwhelmed by these assignments, especially when they are given on a topic that they don’t care much about.

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Argumentative Essay Topics

The key to crafting a great argumentative essay is choosing a topic that you can support with evidence. Often when you are assigned an argumentative essay for college the topic is given to you. The topic is the concept that you are writing about. The thesis clearly states the position that you plan to argue throughout the essay.

If you get to choose your own topic, here are some sample argumentative essay topics with a possible thesis statement to get you started:

Topic: Welfare Systems
Thesis: The government should provide financial support to low income families because it ultimately saves the government money.

Topic: Recreational Drugs
Thesis: The sale of marijuana for recreational use should be legalized at all levels of government.

Topic: Gender Roles
Thesis: Despite tradition, men should not always be expected to pay for dinner on a first date.

Topic: Education
Thesis: Grade schools should require that students participate in nonacademic activities in order to graduate.

Topic: Drunk Driving
Thesis: After a second offense of drunk driving, a driver should lose their right to drive indefinitely.

Topic: Government Regulation
Thesis: National borders should be closed to all refugees for the protection of citizens.

All of the above topics have the potential to have supporters on either side. The purpose of the argumentative essay is lay out the evidence that supports the side that is stated in the thesis. Argument essay writing is particularly challenging because it require the right balance of writing with passion while maintaining an academic presentation of the facts.

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