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What is an Analytical Essay?

This type, also known as a critical analysis essay, asks you to present an original argument about a specific part of a literary work and how it relates to the work as a whole or to a broader topic. It is more than a simple summary of the text. The analysis needs to study all angles of a very specific part of the text, question why the author made the choices they did and how it affects the reading of the text.

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How to Write Analytical Essay

Once you have targeted what it is you want to analyze, you begin your actual analysis. This is when you gather specific examples and think about how and why the literary element was used in that way. Ask yourself, what was the author’s intention? Was it effective? Did it remain consistent throughout the piece? What made it effective? Where was it ineffective? How did it play a part in the entire piece?

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The next step in the process is to craft your thesis. The thesis is what gives your analytical essay its focus. Your thesis needs to be specific enough to keep your argument focused. It also needs to be very clear so that is can be backed up by facts. The thesis should relate a specific point from the text to a broader concept. The rest of your essay will be expressing why the thesis is true, based on your analysis.

With a very clear thesis, you can begin writing the body of the analytical essay. Back up your thesis with quotations from the text with an explanation of how they support the argument you set forth. You can also pull in a secondary source, such as an analysis done by another writer. When using secondary sources, you have to be careful that they add credibility to your argument, rather than detract from it. Never use a secondary source without citing it properly.

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