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As you have probably already understood, we are the company that aims to make the student’s life easier. Yes, it may sound a bit cocky but we truly believe that our professional essay writing service helps students achieve their goals in education and as a consequence – future career. When we proclaim this we surely know what we are talking about. A few years ago a group of college friends were uncertain about their future occupation after graduation; on the other hand, they were quite confident about their writing skills, especially in essay writing. One thing leads to another and they decided to start the foundation of essay writing company that we know today by the name Write My Essay X. Those same guys are now proud not only because this company is one of the most successful companies in writing business, but even more important, it is ruled by the group of skilled and qualified professionals primarily for students!

Essay Writing is our bread and butter

One wise man once said: ”Life is long enough to master only one craft, rarely two”. We don’t like the word “rarely” and do not enjoy taking chances. Because of that, we concentrate on essay writing more than other directions. However, you can be sure, our essay writing service has a great choice of different essay types and topics. From critical essay in Literature to descriptive essay in Chemistry. We’re able to provide you with superior material and professional writer that has been writing high quality essays for years.

High quality over everything

As we have already mentioned, writemyessayx.com is a writing company ruled by students and for students. And each student understands that a good grade worth a lot. That’s why we don’t lie to you saying that our essay writing service is the cheapest in the market. But it’s completely true when we say that our custom essays are one of the best if not the best. Our prices are not low but they are affordable, and the main advantage for you as a customer that we provide the best service/price ratio.

Fair Writing Services Reviews

We’re in this business long enough to know how to separate good writing companies from bad ones. At our reviews page you will find specific information about the most popular writing services. Each one will receive a fair grade and description.

Where exactly are we?

As we’re writing custom essays in English it is obvious that we’re located in the US.
651 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
It is our address and we will be glad if you visit us personally.